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New Information In Suspected First-Responder Ambush

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - When Kelly Accetta ‎first heard about Monday's shootings that happened right across the street from her home, she immediately called her daughter Alex and told her to leave. "There were police cars, fire engines everywhere, and helicopters... it was terrifying."

Her daughter crawled outside to get to her car. "I was a bit dramatic. I was taking serious precautions. I got into my car. I was shaking, I was so scared."

‎ Dallas police have charged Douglas Leguin, 60, of Corinth with seven aggravated assaults against public servants.

Police say at 2:50 p.m. Monday, Leguin called 911 from North 40 Place off Frankford Road in North Dallas. Leguin told operators he was "seceding from the nation" because he was upset with the current state of the government, and that he was heavily armed.

Police say he knocked on the door of a house on the street and told them to get out. The residents locked the door, and police say SWAT officers rescued them. But before they could, police say they had to call out their Explosive Ordinance Unit to dismantle the suspicious devices and bottles filled with some type of flammable liquid Leguin left in the yard.
Detectives are unsure why Leguin chose the particular house.

Investigators from The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are now investigating potential federal charges against Leguin for the suspicious devices. They say Leguin shot rounds at police officers and firefighters responding to the incident. Two bullets hit a fire truck. The investigation thus far indicates that Leguin acted alone and detectives have found no affirmative ties to any group or anti-government movement.

Police in Corinth say they ‎knew something was wrong Monday afternoon when Leguin's wife called them around 1:50 p.m., one hour before Dallas police say the incident began.

"She was concerned he would do harm to himself and to others," says Assistant Chief Greg Wilkerson. He says Leguin left his house with his A-K 47, ammunition and propane canisters. Wilkerson also says that he recently became depressed, watched the Al-Jazeera tv network and wanted to start his own country. "So that in addition to that fact, we're now missing weapons, propane, and several rounds, of ammunition. We were very concerned."

"And he picks my neighborhood? It's just unbelievable," says Accetta.

In Leguin's backyard, an American flag flew with stars over stripes. But earlier Tuesday, it was upside down, which historically is a sign of distress. Dallas Police say they intend to conduct search warrants to gather more information. They say he has no known ties to anti-government groups.

A woman who came to the door at Leguin's house declined comment.

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