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Mothers & Daughters Bonding Over Beauty

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - Some moms bond with their daughters over a manicure, while others may bond with a shopping spree.

A growing number of mothers and daughters, like Jani Reyes and her daughter, Tasha Sheckells, are growing closer with cosmetic surgery.

The two say they do a lot of things together, so when it came to plastic surgery, they decided to try it at the same time.

"We went in together for a consultation," says Sheckells.

"I decided right away that was what I was going to do," remembers mother, Jani Reyes. "And then she said well, I need a few things too."

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jeff Adelglass, says mother-daughter procedures are becoming more common.

"We see a lot of moms and daughters, as well as other family members and partners, very, very often."

Dr. Adelglass says he has even seen three generations come in for cosmetic procedures. He says reality shows like "Big Rich Texas could be making it a more acceptable practice.

"Seeing it on TV only strengthens that, but I think the desire has always been there," says Dr. Adelglass.

Dallas has the third highest number of plastic surgeons per capita and was ranked the fifth vainest city in the country by Men's Health magazine.

Reyes had a facelift, liposuction on her neck, botox and fillers. She says she is pleased with the results, and the most rewarding part of the surgery was that it brought her even closer to her daughter.

"She held my hand through the whole thing, and she helped me after I got home," says Reyes.

"After the procedures we were there for each other, and we just spent a lot of time bonding," agrees Sheckells.

The two are also now part of a new cosmetic trend -- like mother, like daughter.

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