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Missy Bevers' Family Backs PD's Decision To Seize Bloody Shirts

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MIDLOTHIAN (CBSDFW.COM) - A search warrant released by police Wednesday said the father-in-law of slain fitness instructor Missy Bevers dropped off "shirts that appear to have blood stains on them" at The Dry Clean Super Center of Midlothian.

But Missy Bevers' husband, Brandon Bevers called the search warrant a "non-issue" when he spoke to CBS11 Wednesday afternoon. "I wanted to make sure we put this fire out. This is such a non-issue we wanted to address it fast," he said.

Brandon Bevers has not hired a lawyer despite the court of public opinion weighing in daily on the case. Randy Bevers says he didn't think twice about taking bloodstained shirts to the same dry cleaner his daughter-in-law Missy once used.

"Only a person trying to hide something, would have tried to hide something like that," he said.

According to the search warrant, a receipt describes at least one of the four shirts Bevers brought to the "dry clean super center" as having "animal blood, red all over." Randy Bevers said there's a simple explanation – that the blood came from their pet dog Kilo who was killed in a dog fight at a relative's house. He and his wife are staying there since Missy's murder. In trying to save their pet and take him to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield both of their shirts were stained with animal blood.

The Bevers family said police warned them to expect scrutiny, thus they're not upset, in fact they welcome it.

"The fact that the person at the dry cleaner had the wherewithal to call the police… we need that of vigilance," said Brandon Bevers.

Missy's husband wasn't ready however for a public trial on social media. Bevers said he made the mistake of reading comments that have hurt him and his three girls.

"They were concerned about me," said Bevers about his daughters.

Brandon Bevers has changed his mind about his wife walking in on a burglary when she was brutally killed at Creekside Church in Midlothian. "I believe she was targeted, that's my opinion," he said.

When asked if police ever indicated he was a suspect, Brandon Bevers said it's their job to start by looking at him.

"No...well, I'm part of the process of elimination they start from within and work their way out," he said.

Brandon Bevers also said his whereabouts the morning his wife was killed is also a "non-issue". He said police have plane tickets and a car rental receipt to prove he was on his yearly fishing trip in Mississippi.

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