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Meetup Promoting "Make Rape Legal" Is Cancelled

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UPDATED: 12/14/2015, 8:30 PM The controversial, pro-rape blogger known as Roosh V tweeted that he can "no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of men who want to attend" his meetups this weekend in Dallas and Denton. He did however encourage misogynists who still want to meet in private to do so.

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) -- A web site called " Return Of Kings" is promoting meetings across the country that in its' words will be "one of the biggest meetups the world has seen." A quick perusal of the site - and a blog belonging to site creator Roosh V - makes the reader aware that " Return Of Kings" focuses on what some describe as the sexual conquest of women (referred to as "Game" on the site) and in some articles appears to promote techniques for men to avoid rape charges when having sex with women.

The group is planning a "Meetup" in Denton and Dallas this Saturday, February 6. Followers in Denton were told to meet at the arch on the town square at 8 p.m. According to online posts about the so called 'international meet up day', after exchanging a now very public catch phrase, supporters will be directed to a secret meeting location.

"I think it's horribly wrong for that to be allowed," said Jeremy Nofziger, Denton, "women aren't going to feel safe. I think it shouldn't be allowed."

In a blog post entitled "How To Stop Rape", the creator of the site, Roosh V proposes, "Make rape legal if done on private property." He continues, "I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds." He said in the post "A girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone."

Roosh is a self-described 'pick up artist' and unapologetic chauvinist whose views include advice to men to "stop asking for permission"—whether the question be a phone number or physical contact. Other writings espouse having a male relative or husband make all decisions for women—including what to wear, what to study, and who to date.

"Oh, hell NO!" exclaimed Melanie Nofziger, who was stunned at some of the online content. "I think it's more than sick… I think it's absolutely horrendous," added Jeremy.

The Denton couple hadn't heard of 'Return to Kings' until CBS 11 showed them the website. But, Melanie quickly volunteered that she knew more than anyone should about the horror of rape… insisting that violence against women should never be taken lightly.

"I was a child… I was raped by someone in my neighborhood," said Melanie. "I speak publicly about it because I want other women to be strong and know that other people go through that. But, for people to think that it's okay to just come up here and pick up women and think it's okay? NO! Absolutely not!"

Local advocates have reacted to the planned gathering by calling the mindset and the meeting "disgusting."

"Every day we're trying to heal the damage caused by violence directed toward women and girls," said Hillarye Hightower, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center for Denton County. "For us it feels really damaging for this to be happening in 2016 in a community that has a lot of impressionable minds."

On Wednesday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement regarding the situation. "This pathetic group and their disgusting viewpoints are not welcome in Texas. I've spent much of my career protecting women from such vile and heinous acts, and it won't be any different on my watch as Governor."

Some in Denton questioned why the group would be allowed to gather. But, offensive views are not illegal. Nevertheless, Denton Police, too, have weighed in saying they are aware of the situation and plan to monitor it closely.

"I think it's a potential danger," said Melanie Nofziger.

Roosh V claimed in a tweet on Tuesday that the "How To Stop Rape" article was satire. "Neither me or my supporters want rape to be legalized," he said in the tweet. At the time of this writing, there was no direct or indirect indication - on that article or his web site as a whole - that the article (written last February) was created as a satirical piece.

In another post called Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men on the "Return Of Kings" web site, Roosh V says, "After a long period in society of women having unlimited personal freedom to pursue life as they wish, they have shown to consistently fail in making the right decisions that prevent their own harm and the harm of others." He continues, "You can see this level of control today in many Muslim countries, where expectations are placed on women from a young age to submit to men."

According to the "Return Of Kings" web site, they have been open for "a little over two years." A statement on the site claims articles on the site will "help you understand all the truth that has been hidden from you." Articles featured on the site include 'Rape Culture' Was Manufactured To Wage An Unjust War Against MenThe Equality Movement Is Allowing Women To Tyrannize Men, and America's Sexual Hierarchy Favors Alpha Males More Than Ever.

On his blog, Roosh V continues, "Bad encounters are sure to occur, but these can be learning experiences for the poorly trained woman so she can better identify in the future the type of good man who will treat her like the delicate flower that she believes she is."

According to the "Return Of Kings" web site, Meetups are scheduled at 165 locations in 43 countries.

In December of 2011, Roosh V made news with his "Declaration Of Holy War Against Fat Women." In a blog post on his web site, Roosh V said, "If I was a god, and could change only one thing about women that would make most men happier, I would wave my magic wand and shave a billion pounds off the female populace." He continued, "I'm happy to announce that I've declared jihad on fat American women."

Wednesday afternoon Roosh V tweeted this statement:

Meetup Day will not be cancelled. If all my sites get taken down then I will operate on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. I will do my absolute best to go all the way to ensure that as many men as possible meet on Saturday. Even if I were to cancel right now, the mob would be empowered and attack even harder. We're on Columbus' ship and there's no turning back at this point. We must make landfall.

Roosh V said he is "currently nomadic, spending most of my time in Ukraine, Poland and the United States."

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