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Gunman Robs Former CBS 11 Photojournalist Of His Camera Equipment

OAKLAND, Calif. (CBSDFW.COM) - Frightening moments for a former CBS 11 News photojournalist now working at KPIX in San Francisco.

John Anglin was a long-time part of the CBS 11 News family and left for the west coast just a few years ago.

John was outside his news van, while covering the Oakland teachers strike with reporter Joe Vazquez, when two men approached and one pulled a gun and demanded his camera and tripod.

"He came out of the car with a gun in hand, basically saying, 'Give up the camera. I want the camera,'" John recalled.

John left the equipment, retreated inside the van, and told Vazquez to get down. "I just walked away and said, 'Take it. It's yours.' So the next thing you know I hear gunshots."

A security guard traveling with the news crew exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The guard was shot in leg, but the injury is not believed to be life threatening. The guard, a former Berkeley police officer, was confident that at least one of the shots he fired hit the suspect.

The gunman and the person with him fled from the scene. A short time later Oakland police got in a short chase with at lease one person they believed was connected to the shooting. That driver crashed and was immediately arrested.

Officials later confirmed a 21-year-old man had gone to a local hospital seeking treatment for several gunshot wounds. He too was ultimately arrested. Police say that man was one of "several" people who have been detained in connection with the armed robbery and shooting. Some of the news equipment was also reportedly recovered.

As expected, John was shocked by the incident but kept his cool the entire time. CBSDFW.COM sends well wishes to him, his reporter and the injured guard.

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