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The Foote Files: How A Radio Network Newscast Was Born

(CBS 11) - Over the years since mankind has had telegraph, Morse Code, radio, and television, all of these communication platforms have played a part in disseminating news and information, whether it be good or not so good news.

In 1938, the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) launched a nightly newscast called "CBS World News Roundup."

It was created due to the increased hostilities in Europe that in turn started World War II, and the Roundup was that nightly newscast that Americans could get their news from on what was happening overseas.

It made the careers of many CBS News correspondents for decades: Robert Trout, Edward R. Murrow, William L. Shirer, Richard C. Hottelet, Charles Collingwood, Dallas Townsend, Reid Collins, Bill Lynch, Douglas Edwards and Christopher Glenn.

Enjoy this clip celebrating the show's 75th anniversary.


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