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Eyewitness Talks About Finding Unconscious Lamar Odom, Calling 911

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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - It was a surreal moment for former Dallas radio host Richard Hunter when he heard a commotion on Tuesday afternoon and went to find an unconscious Lamar Odom in a Nevada brothel. Hunter spoke exclusively with 105.3 The Fan about the event.

Hunter, who now lives in the Las Vegas area, is a long time friend of Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hoff and does "freelance public relations" for him on occasion.

Hunter was at Hoff's 'Love Ranch South' located in Pahrump, Nev., on Tuesday, Oct. 13th and claimed that Odom had been staying at the brothel in a private residence since Saturday.

According to Hunter, around 3 p.m. Tuesday, one of the two girls that had been entertaining Odom through the weekend was heard running through the main building and screaming.

"Richard, you have to come quick, something is wrong with Lamar" one of the girls said, according to Hunter.

When Hunter entered the private room he saw Odom "in bed, on his back and he's breathing, but is snoring really super loudly -- like something is very wrong."

According to Hunter, Odom had "white foamy stuff coming out of his mouth and nose" when he took a closer look at him.

After instructing the others in the room to call 911, Hunter rolled the 6' 10" Odom on to his side.  "It's kind of a chore to keep him tilted up on his side while we waited for the paramedics," Hunter said.

According to Hunter, Odom's face was "a purple-ish, blue-ish" color which indicated to him something was wrong.

Before paramedics arrived, Hunter said he quizzed the two girls that were with Odom about what he had taken.

According to Hunter, one of the girls said Odom "drank a bottle of cognac" and "had taken these tablets" later identified as "Reload," a product identified by the FDA as being promoted and sold for sexual enhancement, which the girls claim he took at least 10 doses of over a 3 day period.

Hunter says the girls also claimed that Odom admitted to ingesting "a small amount of cocaine" prior to his arrival at the brothel.

Once paramedics arrive, Odom was taken to Pahrump Hospital where he was intubated.

"This is super serious and he may not make it," due to a large amount of fluid in his chest, Hunter said he was told by hospital staff.

Odom was then transported to a Las Vegas hospital via ambulance -- where he currently remains in serious condition.

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