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Dallas Restaurant Says 'Here We Go Again' Requiring Customers To Mask-Up

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Mask up or leave.

That's what at least one Dallas restaurant in now saying in response to the rising number COVID-19 cases in the area.

The sign on the front door of Ellen's says, "Here we go again."

Sign reminding customers at Ellen's to mask up
Sign reminding customers at Ellen's to mask up (CBS 11)

The restaurant started mandating masks for customers last Thursday, July 29, and owner and CEO Joe Groves said they prepared for the worst.

He posted a video on Facebook and a sign on the door letting people know his response to any pushback.

"I'm not going to put up with it anymore. If people come in and want to berate me or berate one of my employees, they're going to do it for about two seconds, and they're out the door," Groves said.

He said the decision to mandate masks was a no-brainer.

"Why wouldn't you do everything you could to keep safe? Why wouldn't you do that?" he said.

And while a handful of guests have opted to leave, Groves said the majority have been accepting.

"The reaction's been overwhelmingly positive. We've had very, very few people that were argumentative this time around," he said.

"I do feel safer having them require it and wearing it to come in," said customer Paola Colon.

"We've been wearing our mask for a year, so not wearing our mask, I feel kind of weird," said customer Brenda Colon.

Groves did bring in extra security for this week, just in case. He said it's disappointing that's even necessary.

"It's been hammered into people that you cannot disagree with somebody without being their enemy. That's just a shame," he said.

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