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Some Dallas Residents Face Up To 8 More Days Without Running Water

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - For some residents in Dallas, it's been more than a week without running water and few answers as to why.

"We have been without since last Tuesday, they have mentioned burst pipes, they have mentioned the feat of turning everybody back on," said Heather, an apartment resident without water.

It's different reasons for everyone, and that's why the city says they don't know how many people are in the same boat.

"That seems to be the question of the day," said Terry Lowery, the Director of Dallas Water Utilities. "We are starting to make progress. We are getting calls from residents, from businesses, schools, apartment complexes."

They say if you're without water, it's likely due to a residential pipe burst or city water issues.

The winter storms caused Dallas 327 water main breaks.

One-hundred and twenty of those, still need to be repaired.

Crews are fixing about 25 a day, but say if you're out of water in fault of the city, you could be out up to eight more days.

"They would be out of water for however long it takes to make that repair," Lowery said. "Getting our backlog caught up to a normal level. We estimate that to be next Thursday."

The city is using 29 recreational sites as water distribution centers.

Click here for the list.

Residents can bring their own containers and fill up to 15 gallons. The city says they will offer the service as long as it's needed.

"Right now, we have plans for the next two weeks, but these are rec centers that are opened to the public normally so as long as the service is needed we will allow residents to go get water," said Adam Traylor of Dallas's Office of Emergency Management.


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