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Dallas Designer Seeks Help Creating Handbags

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Dallas designer Nikki Duong Koenig of Cykochik Custom Handbags is taking her passion for art and style to the next level, in hopes of turning her passion into a full-time gig. In kicking off this new adventure, Koenig is starting with a creative collaboration and a big push for help.

The collaboration comes with artist Kevin Obregon, who has been working on a mural inside of the Valley View Center, a place that is emerging as a home for artists and their galleries. He and Koenig recently worked together on a new masterpiece -- a set of handbags that are both fashionable and creative. "They work independently," Obregon said. "But as a set, that's the full concept. That's when it does really resonate well."

(credit: Cykochik)

Decorative pieces of art on their own, the handbags become wearable art for the chic and fashionable. "Red represents passion," Koenig explained as she showed off the creations. "Red is my favorite color and also is Kevin's."

"The bottom bag has 10 roots representing 10 years," described Obregon, "and one of the roots is new growth, has three leaves on it."

"The center piece here is actually the tree trunk," added Koenig. It also features the number 10, as Cykochik Custom Handbags celebrates 10 years in the business of custom handbag design. Koenig started creating these animal-friendly vinyl bags a decade ago.

Obregon continued, "Going above the concept world and into the air, and up into the clutch, which has the two hands."

The three bags are one part of a potentially life-changing campaign for Koenig. "I'm reaching out through Kickstarter to celebrate Cykochik's 10 year anniversary." With help from the crowd-funding website, Koenig is asking for donations to raise $10,000 and keep her passion alive. The donations, Koenig said, will be used for "materials, production, and also for me to dedicate 100 percent of my time to Cykochik's vision."

Despite a decade of experience in handbag design, Koenig maintains a full-time marketing job to earn a living. But her real passion is in purses, and the power that they can have on others. "It's fun to share the love and the happiness," she said. "To receive a one-of-a-kind custom-made bag is just a really exciting feeling."

The month-long Kickstarter campaign has just a few days left, and Cykochik is about halfway toward reaching that $10,000 goal. If the campaign is unable to raise the full amount, Koenig will receive nothing. Click here to visit Cykochik's campaign on Kickstarter, and get more information on the project.

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