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Coronavirus In Texas: Fort Worth Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Calls Out COVID-19, 'You Are Destroyed Forever'

FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Fort Worth-based preacher and televangelist Kenneth Copeland called forth a "supernatural heatwave" last week to kill the coronavirus in New York City and "the rest of the world where it's needed."

Several ministers then joined him inside his mostly empty megachurch as Copeland preached emphatically from Exodus 15. The popular bible passage tells tales about Moses, the 10 plagues and Israel's safe march through the Red Sea.

He and his ministers then commanded the atmosphere to send the supernatural heatwave.

"My Father, the Almighty God, the El Shaddai God, the God who is almighty. He's more than enough. He is the miracle working God. Today, we speak to this atmosphere, from the State of Washington to the State of Maine, from Southern California to Brownsville, Texas … and wherever else in the world it's needed," they said, taking a very serious tone.

Just under 30 minutes into his sermon (:29:07), Copeland stares into the camera and calls out the coronavirus by name.

2020 Virtual Victory Campaign (April 2-4): A Supernatural Heat Wave! (8:00 p.m. ET) by Kenneth Copeland Ministries on YouTube


"Wind, almighty strong south wind, heat, burn this thing in the name of Jesus. Satan you bow your knees, you fall on your face, COVID-19 … I blow the wind of God on you. You are destroyed forever and you will never be back. Thank you, Lord God. Let it happen. Cause it to happen. The wind of God, it doesn't have to be a fast wind," he said.

The Centers For Disease Control has said it's not yet known whether intense heat or humid conditions kill the coronavirus.

Despite this, Copeland preached, "It hates heat. It hates humidity, it hates water. It just dies," continued Copeland, "It's even better, I just heard the Lord say this 'cause I've witnessed it, it's even better if there is no wind at all -- just enough heat to keep from killing them people in New York City," he laughed.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries was founded in 1967.

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