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Collaboration Helps SMU Launch New Supercomputing Research System

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Southern Methodist University (SMU) is collaborating with the technology company NVIDIA to boost the university's high-performance computing system – increasing the current supercomputer memory tenfold and set the stage for artificial intelligence and machine learning 25 times faster than current levels.

SMU is investing $11.5 million in hardware, software and training to strengthen the university AI infrastructure. The collaboration will give faculty, students and research partners the ability to integrate AI technology across a wide array of research disciplines, ranging from computational biology to human performance, from national defense to digital humanities.

"Research universities like ours have an obligation to actively engage in the development and application of AI for societal good," said SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

Increasing SMU's computing capability also will provide benefits for North Texas, as the region continues its growth as a technology hub.

"Dallas has long been a hub for innovation, and this tremendous increase in supercomputing brainpower at SMU can be a powerful tool for our city," said Mayor Eric Johnson. "Through research collaborations built on SMU's capabilities in artificial intelligence, we have the potential to boost our city's booming economy, improve our workforce, and learn to solve major challenges that we face."

The Brookings Institution lists the Dallas-Fort Worth region among "potential" AI adoption centers.

Machine learning uses statistics to find patterns in large data sets. AI is a broader concept, equipping computer systems to perform functions normally requiring human intelligence.

According to Elizabeth Loboa, SMU provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, the leap in computing capability will be pivotal as SMU increases AI-dependent research to address national and international issues.

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