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Carroll ISD Parents Pack School Board Meeting Following Administrator's Secretly-Recorded Holocaust Comment

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - The Carroll ISD school board addressed last week's controversy Monday night, Oct. 18.

Last Thursday, it came to light a school district administrator had been secretly recorded suggesting teachers who have books on the Holocaust in their classrooms should also keep books with opposing views.

Some residents who showed up to Monday night's meeting spoke in defense of the administrator.

Others said there's no excuse for what she said.

"I'm Jewish," Cara Serber, a mom of two students, said. "My children are Jewish. So my instant reaction was to be upset."

However, after further review Serber said she'll give the benefit of the doubt to the district administrator who was recently recorded saying, "As you go through try to remember the concepts of (House Bill) 3979 and make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust that you have one that has opposing views."

House Bill 3979 is a new state law limiting how race-related issues are discussed in schools.

"Think that she was the mouthpiece of the administration and she got caught off guard and it wasn't fair to her," Serber said.

But at the meeting, not everyone agreed.

"I hope that you will consider not just to reprimand her but firing that administrator who spoke like that because she does know better," one person said.

"There are no two sides to genocide," another said.

"While we can not rewind these past couple weeks, we can provide some clarity," Carroll ISD School Board President Michelle Moore said.

Moore told attendees there's been a lot of confusion about the law and everyone must work together to move the district forward.

Superintendent Lane Ledbetter issued an apology saying the district recognizes that "there are not two sides of the Holocaust."

Moore also addressed reports that the board recently voted to reprimand a teacher for having the best seller "How To Be Anti-Racist" in her class.

"The grievance was regarding a personnel matter and not about the book," she said.

She did not go into further detail.

The board then headed behind closed doors to discuss if any additional action should be proposed.

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