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Ask A DFW Bartender: Best Tequila Cocktail

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Bartender Kyle Hilla of Bolsa in Dallas, Texas was thrilled to share his best tequila cocktail. Hilla has worked as a bartender at Bolsa for more than four years. What makes Bolsa a unique establishment? "We offer a farm to table cuisine and bar. We specialize in a seasonal menu to keep our cuisine fresh," Hilla said. Because of this, he said his best tequila cocktail depends on the time of year."For now, I love our Yellow No. 5. It's a play on words. We mix fresh turmeric, Texas Ambhar Blanco tequila, grapefruit juice, grapefruit bitters, soda, and a twist of lime," Hilla said. Sound refreshing? Take another sip of his expert tips below.

Kyle Hilla
614 W. Davis Street
Dallas, Texas 75208


Buy Local


If you're going to make any mixed drink recipe or cocktail it is always best to ensure that all of your ingredients are fresh and seasonal. To understand which fruits or vegetables are in season, simply stop by your grocer's and check out what's on display. Seasonal fruits are usually on sale and they look the most appetizing because they are ripe and ready for the picking. Using local fresh ingredients and agave nectar are key for a good cocktail.

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Sip Your Tequila


Don't be shy about drinking your tequila neat. Some people mix their tequila into other cocktails or drinks while others do shooters. In actuality, shooters aren't really popular anywhere except for the United States or in Russia. In Mexico, tequila is sipped alternatively with Sangrita. This is the most traditional way to enjoy tequila and it ensures you actually experience the taste of the nectar. Not everyone has tried this way of drinking tequila. Hilla said it's his favorite.

Keep It Simple


If you are going to make a margarita, keep it simple and don't complicate the recipe with fancy or unnecessary ingredients.  Lime, tequila and agave are really all you need for a tequila drink. Don't go overboard on the preparation either. While some people enjoy frozen and mixed margaritas, Hilla said he tends to keep tequila drinks pretty basic by pairing tequila with one inch ice cubes.  Apply lime juice on the rim of your glass and dip it in kosher salt. Done.


Play with Glassware


At Bolsa Hilla said they pride themselves in the 1950s to 1970s aesthetic, which we compliment with eclectic glassware. You don't need to buy new stemware or barware for at-home cocktails. Instead, get creative and shop vintage and thrift stores within your local area for funky and fun tall glasses. While you're at it, you might want to pick up a muddler and a strainer. You'll use the muddler to muddle the fresh lime juice out of the lime. Those oils will add a little color to your drink.

Forget Your Bad Experience


"Some of the top reasons I hear that people no longer drink tequila is because of either a bad college experience or because they had a cheap brand. You need to explore other options and remember to always drink responsibly. Never over-consume any sort of alcohol and be open to varied price points," Hilla said. For example, Tapatio tequila came out in the 1960s and they're still family-owned. Looking at the outdated label, you might be fooled by this affordable tequila brand. But you know what? It's just really good juice.

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