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As rents rise, affordable housing is harder and harder to find in North Texas

Woman claims rental company throwing her out
Woman claims rental company throwing her out 02:03

MCKINNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM)  Anyone who rents in North Texas knows it's getting harder and harder to find affordable housing. said the price of two bedroom apartments has soared 17% in the last year.

That's about $450 more every month on average. 

Even when North Texans are finding places to live, it's not always going smoothly. 

Chastidy Byrns found a place in McKinney after looking for months. "This really meant a lot to me to get this apartment," she said. "I paid my deposit, I got my keys, signed the lease."

But after just a few days living at Lakes of Eldorado, she was told to move out.

"I had two weeks to move." Byrns said property management told her she didn't qualify to live there anymore. "I've been asking been asking what is the reason that I don't qualify, and they're not giving me a specific reason." 

She said although they didn't specify, it was based on either credit scores or a background check. Accolade Property Management, who owns the complex, declined to comment due to resident privacy concerns.  

"I just don't understand why I can't have a chance since they messed up somehow or another," Byrns added.. 

Now Byrns, who works six days a week cutting hair, is back on the search to find another place to live.

"It's just hard finding another apartment. I've been non-stop pounding the internet to find another place to live," she said. 

Which each day, it seems to just get pricier and pricier. "The cost of living around here is very expensive," said Byrns. "Any place else you look is at least $200 more a month."

But even in such a tight market, renters in North Texas have rights. The Texas Attorney General's office has a guide to help. It includes information like about when apartments can't make you pay for a security deposit or what conditions allow you to break your lease.

You can find it on the Texas Attorney General's website.

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