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2 Dead, Several Injured After TRE Train Crashes Into Dump Truck

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Two people are dead and 11 others are injured after a crash involving a dump truck and a Trinity Railway Express train in Fort Worth Saturday.

Officials said a dump truck was crossing the rails in the 12000 block of Calloway Cemetery trying to beat the train when it was struck. The crash happened at around 12 p.m.

During a press conference, officials said the dump truck ignored the warning lights, bells and crossing arms at the train tracks.

"[The truck] goes through crossing arm that you see up and then it began to make a right turn. It's a bit of an 'S' turn to go through the crossing," said Morgan Lyons, spokesperson for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

Two people who were inside the truck were pronounced dead at the scene. The view from Chopper 11 showed the charred remains of the truck.

Semi-truck crash with TRE Train
Semi-truck crash with TRE Train (Chopper 11)

Lyons said the lights go off about 47 seconds before the train enters the crossing. It's authorized speed is 79 mph.

"As soon as they saw what was going on, they went into maximum braking. However, because the crossing arms were already down... there's not much time for the train going at a high rate of speed to stop," said Lyons.

Investigators haven't said what the train's speed was at the time of the crash.

Two people inside the train at the time suffered critical injuries. Three others were transported with serious injuries and six have minor injuries. Twenty others inside the train were uninjured.

Passengers described a scene of chaos moments before the collision.

"The driver had just gotten off the intercom, saying that we were going to get off at Richland Hills, and then as soon as that happened, there was a loud bang or boom, and fire erupted from downstairs. Dirt came in, the cars started shaking. There was a lot of confusion and panic," said passenger Wilhelmina Scott.

Passengers were taken to the hospital for back and neck injuries.

From Chopper 11, the view shows damage done to the train by the crash including broken windows and burn marks on the sides.

TRE train in crash
TRE train in crash (Chopper 11)
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