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World's Highest Level Security For Android File Storage

PORTAGE -- Two family incidents prompted Rick Wielopolski to create RecordVault data encryption software for smartphones.

The first was a family member's serious illness, he said: "You walk into an emergency room with your mother having a stroke, and they ask you, 'Do you have power of attorney and a list of her meds?'" And you say, 'Well, I can get them, but I don't have them on me.' And they're telling you, 'Well, she's dying, you better hurry up.'"

So, Wielopolski said, what better place to store that information than the smartphone that never leaves your side?

Except smartphones are notoriously insecure. Said Wielopolski: "One day my son says to me, 'Want to see the files on your phone, dad?' And he showed me. And I said, 'It's time for security. It's time to get a security app out there and get everybody's records protected.'"

Wielopolski is a 35-year veteran of the mobile phone and IT industries with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Akron. He said he's been working on the algorithms that provide the security for his patent-pending Record Vault system for years.

Wielopolski said RecordVault uses military-grade encryption and storage wiping of temporary data to secure any time of file -- electronic records, documents, voice recordings, images, videos.

"You and you alone can unlock your files because we create a unique software key tied only to you," Wielopolski said.

Also, RecordVault does not lock your entire device -- only the files you select are encrypted, allowing other portions of your device to function without the need to enter credentials.

RecordVault is now on sale for $9.99 at the GooglePlay store for Android devices. Coming soon are versions for Apple's iPhone and Windows Phone, and back-end connections for Microsoft Health Vault and banking systems. Wielopolski said he started with an Android app because there are more Android phones in circulation than iPhones.

After stints at Motorola, Nortel and Unisys, and most recently working at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Wielopolski created a company to produce RecordVault, PerSysTek LLC, in 2010. The company now has two teams of contractors totaling about 10 people, Wielopolski said, one working on development, the other on marketing, and an office in Grand Rapids. Now that the RecordVault app is for sale, Wielopolski said he's ready to start hiring permanent employees, mostly to handle service and support.

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