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"Why Is It Even An Issue?" Asks Tigers' Phil Coke

DETROIT (WWJ) - A momentous day in the world of professional sports as the first openly gay player comes forward.

Pro basketball player Jason Collins' decision to disclose that he is gay is drawing support from the White House, other NBA players and other athletes including members of the Detroit Tigers.

Relief pitcher for the Tigers Phil Coke said he admired Collins' brave move.

"Well, for starters, hats off to him for being on the stage that he is on and basically now representing all major league sports and being the first," said Coke. "I don't feel like there should be a need for this, because we are supposedly so much more advanced than we once were - why is it even an issue."

Coke noted that although each clubhouse has a different atmosphere, in the Tigers clubhouse, being gay would not be an issue.

"If there is a guy in here that his preference was other ... than you know ... so what, he goes out there and does his job that's all that matters - we are all family here. You've got to have some serious ... fortitude to do be able to do that and under the possibility of mass scrutiny - he's standing up for himself as well as ... the community ... you've got to have respect for that," he said.
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