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What's That Song: Shiny Toy Guns

In this edition of What's That Song, Los Angeles based rock band Shiny Toy Guns took on the task of identifying several GRAMMY Record of the Year winners from the past. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious GRAMMY wins an artist can get. Starting with the first GRAMMY awards ceremony, in 1959, the Record of the Year honors the artist, producer, engineer and mixer of a track.



Adele "Rolling In The Deep" - Winner, 2012

"It's a life-chaging song. It's a game changer," says singer Carah Faye Charnow.

"She deserves everything that's happening," says keyboardist Jeremy Dawson. "It's like a real artist with real songs and a great record. It's not just a bunch of crap pop manufactured by 19 people."

Nothing but praise for this GRAMMY winner.

Beyonce "Single Ladies" - Winner, 2009

The song makes Charnow and Dawson immediately start dancing in their chairs -- just as it does for millions of people.

"Who didn't hear that song and get up out of their seat and be like…" Charnow asked, as she stood up and began recreating the choreography from the "Single Ladies" video.

U2 "Beautiful Day" - Winner, 2000

"The coolest thing about that song," said Dawson, "was that a band at their age could come around the corner like that with an absolute 1000 batted smash #1 awesome song. The whole world was just distraught and freaked out by 9/11 and that song just went BAM."

Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry, Be Happy" - Winner, 1988

As guitarist Gregori Petree nails naming his third song in a row, he also suggest he should go on Jeopardy to exploit his talent.

"Wasn't the story [that] some guy was singing it on the road, like hanging out, and he was a bum or something? And somebody gave him 50 bucks and bought the song…That's what I heard. I heard that more than once."

Roberta Flack "Killing Me Softly With His Song" - Winner, 1973

Another favorite of Charnow, who knew the track instantly.

"Oh man, I've got like six copies of this on vinyl," she gushed. "That song is so good and has really lasted the test of time…It's so real."

-Courtney E. Smith,

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