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Voters Recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, She Blames Media

TROY (WWJ)- Tea Party favorite Janice Daniels, the mayor of Troy, was recalled Tuesday after a variety of issues including a homophobic slur on her Facebook page, and opposing federal dollars for a  new transit center for the city.

Troy voters recalled the mayor by a 52 -48 percent margin. "I'm very sad about it, but the results are in and I want to thank my supporters for all the hard work that they did to try to forestall this ... A chapter of my life has closed, but I'll open another chapter and I'll be fine," Daniels said during an interview on the Charlie Langton Talk Radio 1270 morning show.

Troy's Mayor Pro Tem Maureen McGinnis will take over once the election is certified, per city charter. Troy City Council is expected to meet Monday, Nov. 12 to vote for someone to officially lead city government.

Daniels added her only regret was the media didn't report all the good she did as mayor of Troy.

"What I regret is there isn't a balanced media, for every time they wanted to beat me up, that's fine, I can take a good beat, but give me some credit for the good things that I did do," Daniels said. "Therein lies the real regret, is that we don't have a media that's fair."

She made headlines by telling a group of high school students the "homosexual lifestyle was dangerous," later likening it to smoking, using the word "queer" on her Facebook page to voice opposition to gay marriage, and trying to stymie federal dollars for the transit center, a facility upgrade that had a lot of support in Troy.

Daniels voraciously fought the recall. A photo was widely circulated this week showing her marching away from Kroger alongside supporters who had removed signs supporting the recall.

At the polls, some voters were torn on whether or not the recall was necessary, while others said they didn't cast a vote because they just didn't know enough about it. "Well I don't feel one way or the other – I feel I'd leave that in the hands of the officials," said Keith Johnson. "I'll let them take care of it."

Adam Forsyth said he voted against the recall. "They had a short snippet on there about why she was being recalled but it wasn't, I didn't feel like it was adequate and informational for me to make that decision to say that she should be recalled at that point," said Forsyth.

But another voter who favored the recall said that Daniels was an embarrassment to the city. "She is a terrible representative of the city of Troy, and I think the great city of Troy, I've lived here over 25 years, can do so much better than a small-minded, bigoted person with no experience who has damaged the reputation of Troy," resident Jim Schettle said.



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