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Valenti & Foster Poll: Should Kid Rock Have Supported Romney?

On Michigan's Republican primary day, it was only fitting the Valenti & Foster show delved into politics Tuesday to ask about the joint Royal Oak appearance with Mitt Romney and Kid Rock.

The question was: Do you have a problem with Kid Rock supporting Romney, who was less than supportive of Detroit?

"I just thought it was very odd that he was out there backing Romney," Mike Valenti said on the show, later adding: "He could've said 'Detroit needs help.' He didn't."

Foster chimed in, saying, "The nomination's been put on a silver platter for him (Romney), and he still can't (win it.) There's gotta be something wrong... The words 'bankrupt Detroit,' all of that, have come back to haunt him."

Listener Dan called in to say, "Initially, I thought this was unbelieveable, then I thought it could be the affects of PBR on the young brain ...This guy is so out of touch with where the average Kid Rock fan lives, it's unbelieveable."

"If fans listened to their idols in the music industry, Republicans would never win," Terry Foster said. "Most people do not follow the votes of their idols, they follow what they believe."

So, what do you think: Should Kid Rock support Romney?

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