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Trump, Clinton Appearances Put Michigan In Political Crosshairs This Week

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) One refrain is being repeated across politically-minded metro Detroit circles this morning: What will he say?

Off-the-cuff Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to deliver a speech to the prestigious Detroit Economic Club at noon at Cobo Center.

Not to be outdone, Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is expected be in metro Detroit on Thursday.

The visits are coming so close together because the road to the White House runs through Michigan, WWJ's Tim Skubick said, which is one of 11 so-called swing states. Traditionally Democratic, Michigan is considered up for grabs in 2016.

As Trump is down 10 points against Clinton in the latest polls, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort told Fox News Sunday his candidate will lay out a plan Monday "that will focus on cutting taxes, cutting regulation, energy development and boosting middle-class wages."

Ford is expected to be in Trump's crosshairs over its move to move small car production to Mexico, something the candidate has criticized several times in major speeches, and promised to prohibit. Ford Chairman Mark Fields has stressed repeatedly the company is also adding a lot of jobs in the United States.

"We're just going to stay focused on the facts," Fields said.

The UAW opposes Trump, but WWJ 950's Jeff Gilbert said union leaders are expected to closely watch the performance, knowing that Trump's position on trade is likely to draw support from some members.

Trump's speech today will be carried live on WWJ 950's airwaves and livestreamed onto our Facebook page and the homepage

The day before Trump's visit to Detroit, Democrats and their allies previewed the Economic Club event and held a press conference to discuss "why American workers can't afford Trump."

"We need to send a strong message that he's not welcome in Michigan," organizers said in a press release.

They also plan an anti-Trump protest to begin at 10:30 a.m. Monday outside the venue where 1,500 tickets were sold to watch the reality star and real estate developer unleash his special brand of political rhetoric.

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