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Trouble Looming For The Tigers?

Jeff Riger filled in for Bill McAllister this morning. During one of our breaks we were all discussing the Tigers and their recent offensive struggles. Riger then brought up another point. The Tigers are 12-14 on the road this season. Do their road struggles concern you?

Now it may be a bit too early to ask this question. After all the San Francisco Giants are 9-15 on the road, but 29-25 overall. Road success doesn't mean all that much if you have home field advantage in the playoffs. But your road record can cause you to miss the playoffs. While we agree that it's too early to get concerned, the Tigers' road record is worth noting. It's something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

A key part of the season may center around the All Star Break from June 28 – July 25. The Tigers only play six home games in a 24-game stretch. So if the Tigers are indeed a bad road team, this period of the season could really be telling on where the Tigers finish at the end of the season.

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