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The Delta Zeta Creed

By Carissa Hutchinson

Are you involved in an organization that has a creed? When I joined Delta Zeta at Ferris State University, the first thing they taught me was the creed. As I went through my new member period the creed not only influenced my life but its meaning also developed with me. Here's my break down of what the Delta Zeta creed means to me.

To the world, I promise temperance and insight and courage,
Be aware of your actions and how they affect not only you but others around you. Have self-control and don't be "that girl." Always have the courage to do what's right especially when are in the wrong.

To crusade for justice,
Fight for what is right and speak up when you see an injustice. It can be as small as stopping a bully or as big as standing up for human rights, always defend the people that need it most. One time my chapter had Thanksgiving dinner with a fraternity on campus. They welcomed us into their home and cooked us a lovely turkey. Like gentleman, they let us eat first and by the end of our line there was barely any food left for the guys. At our next chapter meeting I stood up and said "This can't happen again, next time we need to bring more food so that everyone can eat." From that point on we never had anything like that happen again.

To seek the truth and defend it always;
This is my favorite part of the creed. When I think of this part of the creed I think of it as saying don't just listen to one side of a story. Listen to them all and discover the truth for yourself. Whether it's dealing with your friends, politics, teachers, or an organization you're a part of, don't be one sided. Then once you discover the truth defend it, don't let others be blinded by lies. For example, in school, just because a professor teaches it, it doesn't mean that it IS the truth. You should be actively searching for the truth and not taking anyone's word for it, no matter how socially acceptable it seems or how important the person is.

To those whom my life May touch in slight measure, May I give graciously of what is mine;
You can give your kindness, knowledge, and time. One action of kindness can change a person's life. It can give them hope, confidence and an optimistic look on the world. One time a man asked me for some gas money and I gave him a few dollars. Most people wouldn't but when he asked I instantly thought of this phrase. Time and knowledge is probably the best thing you can give someone. It shows them you care and it's something no one can take away from them. While at Ferris I was a part of the Media Communications Association. I loved being a part of it because I was able to mentor the lower classmen in my program.

To my friends, Understanding and appreciation;
Friends will make mistakes and they'll make you mad but they're just mistakes. Everyone makes them so get over them and don't let mistakes ruin the friendships you have. Be grateful that you have friends to talk to you when you feel sad, to hang out with when you need a study break, and to share special moments with.

To those closer ones, Love that is ever steadfast;
Cherish the people who are the most important in your life. For me that would be my Mom, Dad, grandmothers, and my two younger sisters. This is one part of the creed I need to work on. I love them all my heart but I know I don't show it enough. I should let them know how much I appreciate and love them by just telling them.

To my mind, Growth;
Never stop learning! Learning just doesn't come from school but also from the people that you meet every day. Anyone can teach you something. I learn from my younger sisters every day and I hope that they learn from me too.

To myself, Faith That I may walk truly In the light of the Flame.
Have confidence in what you believe in and have it guide you through life. I believe in this creed and I'm confident that if I try my best to follow it, it will lead me far in life. Always have faith in yourself. Even when you going through a rough time in your life, believe that you can push through it. My parents went to college when I started middle school. I know it was a rough time for them because not only did they have to deal with school but they also had to take care of three kids. But they never gave up, they push on because they had faith in themselves. In 2007 my mom graduated with her associates in Applied Science. After receiving his associates in Automotive Service & Repair my dad transferred to Ferris State and in 2008 he received his bachelors in Automated Management.

So now I have a challenge for you. If you are a part of an organization that has a creed, dissect it. Figure out what it means to you. Don't just say it, live it. If you don't have an organizational creed, create your own personal or family creed. Having the Delta Zeta creed in my life has given me a different perspective on the world. It's made me think of things I've never thought of before and its help me grow into the person I am today.

Carissa Hutchinson is a senior at Ferris State University studying television and digital media production. She's currently on two internships with CBS 62/CW50 Detroit and M-1 Studios in Ferndale. While attending college she was a very active member of Delta Zeta and the Media Communications Association. Take a look at Carissa's work at

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