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Street Beat: Breast Cancer

On this week's Street Beat, host Roxanne Steele takes a look at Breast Cancer Awareness and the fight against the disease. First, Roxanne sits down with Katrina Studvent from the Karmanos Cancer Institute, and CBS's own Community Affairs Director, Kris Kelly. The women talk about the importance and effects of breast cancer awareness, and why Karmanos Cancer Institute is honoring Kris as one of their 2014 Heroes of Breast Cancer.

Then, Roxanne talks with Dr. Sharon Helmer from the Karmanos Cancer Institute about the latest advancements in the detection and treatments of breast cancer, and the direction in which the current research is heading. After that, Teresa Rodges of McLaren-Oakland joins Roxanne to all about their Sister & Sister Program, which provides fre mammograms to uninsured and under-insured women in Oakland County. They also announce Sister & Sister's push to give away 200 mammograms in the month of October.

Finally, Roxanne is joined by sisters Eileen Kastura and Julie LaMothe, who have their own breast cancer stories; one as a patient living with metastatic breast cancer, and the other as a "previver". Their family history, decisions made, chosen paths, and sense of mission will undoubtedly educate and inspire viewers.

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