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Spotting the signs of anxiety and stress in the classroom

Spotting the signs of anxiety and stress in the classroom
Spotting the signs of anxiety and stress in the classroom 03:54

(CBS DETROIT) - It isn't unusual to see kids who are feeling uneasy or anxious during the school year. It can lead to problems in the classroom, but experts say that anxiety could be a sign of a deeper issue and even a learning disability.

Dr. A. Jordan Wright, with Parallel Learning, says evident signs of a learning difference often manifest behaviorally or emotionally, including resistance towards school, acting out, or adopting the role of a class clown.

"Sitting in a class, listening to lectures with your peers, taking notes in a classroom, all of that really works for most kids, but there are some kids where it absolutely fails. Absolutely does not match up to the way their brain works, the way they think, the way they learn, and that could be one source of real anxiety, as can the social scene of school. As can the transition into schooling," Wright said.

Wright says it's important for parents to have a conversation with their kids about how they're feeling.

"My biggest recommendation for parents is for them to be aware of what's going on with your kids. If you see signs of anxiety, if your teacher sees the signs, collaborate with them so we can try to figure out what's going on. … Parents and teachers should always be looking at academics first and foremost to see if are there gaps and are there areas where a kid is really struggling because that can be contributing to a lot of anxiety."

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