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Smoking Ban For Detroit's Public Housing Units

The Detroit Housing Commission has voted to institute a ban on smoking in all of its public housing units.

Steven Meiss with the U-S Housing and Urban Development Department, which has oversight of Detroit's housing commission, says smoking will be prohibited in all common areas and all units beginning January 1st.

"It's a big step in Michigan that this commission has undertaken this because it's not easy," Meiss told WWJ's Stephanie Davis. "We're dealing with human beings and we're dealing with people who have a habit of smoking, I mean I myself was a smoker I know how hard it is to quit."

Meiss says the policy calls for up to four violations before a resident is given a termination notice.  He said it's a wonderful feeling to know kids will not be subject to second hand smoke

However, some residents like Clara Travis oppose the ban.

"It's going to cause hardship for me because I'm a smoker and I pay my rent and I think anything in my apartment as long as its not harming nobody else I should be able to do it.

At least one resident plans to challenge the ban in court.

There are more than 4,000 public housing units in Detroit.

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