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Sensors Inc. Technology At Work In New 'Real World' MPG

SALINE -- Saline-based Sensors Inc. announced Wednesday that England's Emissions Analytics Ltd. has produced real-world fuel economy and emissions figures for dozens of leading car models using Semtech-DS, Sensors' laboratory-grade emissions measurement system.

The detailed emissions data captured under normal driving conditions have been processed using sophisticated data analysis tools aimed at improving information for users of light-duty passenger vehicles. The result is an innovative comparison of real, on-road performance with official fuel economy figures generated under laboratory conditions.

Emissions Analytics has already tested more than 130 vehicles and is rapidly rolling out coverage of other UK vehicle models.

Emissions Analytics' engineers vary the vehicle tests to take into account driver style, congestion and road type combinations in order to understand performance and make fair comparisons. Although performances vary significantly between models, the average shortfall to official MPG figures is around 17 percent.

Emissions Analytics' data have been published by What Car?, the market-leading motoring magazine and Web site. This is the first time that Emissions Analytics' unique data has been taken to market, in the form of True MPG. The project has been sponsored by the international retailer Tesco.

Consumers can see for themselves how a car would perform in their hands. What Car? has created an online tool which produces a customized True MPG based on a description of an individual driving style.

"It's great to see one of our systems generating data that consumers can use," said Sensors Inc. president Andrew Reading. "Traditionally, our analyzers are employed by regulatory agencies, vehicle and engine manufacturers and fuel providers among other players in the transportation industry. As far as we're aware, no one else in the world is publishing comparisons of on-road data and data from regulatory test methods in this way. The unique capabilities of the Semtech-DS have inspired and shaped Emissions Analytics' use of the data and we can't wait to see further application of our technologies."

The managing director of Emissions Analytics, Nick Molden, said: "The Semtech-DS has helped us unearth essential understanding about the real-world fuel economy of the cars we all drive every day. Portable emissions measurement is a vital component in understanding the true on-road performance which drivers can achieve. Manufacturers have made great strides in fuel efficiency, but the current official tests are increasingly less helpful, which leaves a growing information gap for drivers that can now be filled."

Sensors Inc. was founded in 1969, and has become the leader in developing innovative gas analysis technology, primarily for use in the transportation industry. The company has four decades of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of measurement systems that are widely distributed throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Sensors Inc. also provides in-field emissions and fuel-economy testing services covering a wide range of applications including on- and off-road vehicles and equipment, and marine, mining, and power generation systems. The company's emissions measurement solutions are used by government regulatory agencies and universities, as well as engine and vehicle manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, for the measurement of critical tailpipe gaseous and particulate emissions.

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