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Results Show Kid Rock Has A Chance In U.S. Senate Race

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Senator Kid Rock? It's not as crazy as it might sound.

Poll results released on Friday show that Robert Richie -- also known as performer Kid Rock -- would have the lead among Republicans in the primary race.

According to polling results from Target Insyght, Richie would earn 33 percent of the votes in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. That compares to 16 percent for John James, 14 percent for Robert Young, 8 percent for Lena Epstein and 3 percent for other. The results also indicated that 26 percent are unsure at this time.

Target Insyght founder Ed Sarpolus says Richie's popularity might take him places if he is serious about running for U.S. Senate.

"Kid Rock if he gets in he does have people who like him in Michigan as well as Republicans, and I think this is a big surprise for a lot of people the fact that he would have traction," Sarpolus told WWJ. "I don't know if he's another Donald Trump but at least there are people in Michigan who do like him and would consider him for U.S. Senate."

Richie also doesn't poll too far behind incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow -- only 8 points back.

Richie announced about two weeks ago on Twitter that he would be running for U.S. Senate and also launched a campaign website. At the time many were unsure if it was true and Richie has continued to back his announcement. That includes posting again on Twitter about his campaign this week where he announced he'll be creating a non-profit organization for the promotion of voter registration.

Richie also mentioned that a press conference with more details on this new non-profit organization and his possible campaign for U.S. Senate will take place sometime soon.

Richie was born in Romeo, Michigan, moving to Mt. Clemens as a teen. He now owns two homes in Michigan, one in Detroit and another in Clarkston. He's known for his signature mix of hip hop and rock, with hits including Born Free, Bawidaba, Cowboy, Picture and All Summer Long.

Meanwhile the new poll also shows Gretchen Witmer and Geoffrey Fieger tied in the Democratic Primary race for Governor. Fieger has strong support in Detroit, where he falls 3 percent below the "undecideds."

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