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Rebuilding Dexter Months After The Tornado

DEXTER (WWJ) - Leaders in Dexter say the village wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for strong community support following a tornado there three months ago.

Village President Shawn Keough says an outpouring of volunteers helped remove debris from the area quickly... now, he says, the only evidence left of the storm is construction crews.

"Day by day homeowners were coordinating the repairs to their roofs; the blue tarps that you could see from a few blocks away very clearly all across the subdivision have one by one disappeared, and returned to, I don't want to say normal, you know, you start by repairing the shell and then you do the inside work," said Keough.


"We don't take it lightly, I think we always knew that we were neighbors and friends and we would help each other but this has sure been an example of that and one that as a community we are really proud of," said Keough.

He says the only evidence left of the storm that swept through the area in March is the number of homes under construction.

Still, he says some homeowners have not been lucky enough to start rebuilding, and are tied up in disputes with insurance companies.

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