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Q&A With Country Music Star Blake Shelton

DETROIT -- Ever wonder what country music star Blake Shelton had to hide from Gwen Stefani when they first started dating? He revealed that little secret along with more when he called into 99.5 WYCD on Friday.

Shelton joined Rob Stone and Holly Hutton on 99.5 WYCD this afternoon to talk about his new album, his recent appearance on The Tonight Show and his relationship with fellow musician Stefani. Shelton is advertising his new album -- Texoma Shore -- that was released on Friday. The album includes his latest hit "I'll Name the Dogs."

As part of "celebrating" his new album, Shelton was a guest on The Tonight Show earlier this week and had a little fun with host Jimmy Fallon. Shelton reflected on that fun experience, calling his buddy Fallon "an idiot" after the humorous segment.

"After that interview aired I looked at Twitter the next morning and I couldn't believe people were going 'oh my God, that was rude, that was mean,' and I was going 'oh my God' because as we did it we were laughing," Shelton said. "I didn't realize it probably went across as he was upset with me and I was upset with him. We were just goofing around, although I will say he's an idiot."

See the rest of the interview with Shelton below!

Q: With some of the new songs on the album -- "I'll Name the Dogs," "At the House," and "Turnin' Me On" -- are all of those songs about Gwen?

Shelton: I guess that's fair. When you make a record, or at least when I do, you draw from whatever is going on in your life. You'll be hard pressed to find just a moment or two of a heartbreak in this album, but it's mostly all just fun, good-feeling stuff. That's where I am in my life right now so that's the kind of record I wanted to make.

Q: It's got to be a little bit about Gwen because the song "Turnin' Me On" has that "revlon red in the blackest night" lyrics in it.

Shelton: That was specifically written with Gwen in mind. I have to be honest. I mean, have you seen her? I have to write all about her.

Q: When you first start dating someone there's a lot of things that you hold back, like you don't do certain things. Is there anything you didn't do or anything you didn't say around Gwen when you first started dating but now you're so comfortable that anything goes?

Shelton: I kind of watched my language as much as I could. Gwen, she's very traditional, just very traditional and this classic beauty. She never misses church, and so when we first started dating I was like 'wow she may not realize that I'm a hillbilly.' She's gotten comfortable with it now and I have too. She rolls her eyes at me a little bit but I get away with it.

The interview finished up with figuring out what Shelton's adult film star name is -- which is a combination of your first pet's name and the street you grew up on.

"That would be Butch Route."

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