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Woman Claims Telepathy Helped Get Napping Cougar Out Of Her House

ASHLAND, Ore. (CBS Local) - An Oregon woman's encounter with a napping mountain lion in her home has become a social media sensation. Her explanation of how she got the beast out of the house is even more head-scratching.

"This is wild," Lauren Taylor posted on Facebook on July 8. The Ashland resident was able to photograph the full grown animal after it wandered into her home and decided to snuggle in for a nap behind Taylor's couch.

Taylor's post, which has been shared over 24,000 times, credits her use of telepathy on the beast as the reason it left her house. Taylor claims she "sent telepathic pictures of the routes out of the house" while blinking at the cougar once it woke up and saw the Ashland woman.

"Cats are extremely psychic and perceptive of energy and this lion could have been dangerous in an energy field of fear or anger," Taylor explained. "A housemate had shouted and slammed a door upon seeing her and the lion was frightened, agitated, and determined to exit through a closed window. Once the energy shifted, she calmed down."

Telepathic powers weren't the only trick Taylor used to lure the sleepy cougar away from her couch. In a video, which has been viewed over 700,000 times, Taylor kept beating on a drum from her staircase until the furry house guest found its way out.

"We called in native ancestors' support and started drumming," Taylor wrote. "She roused and knew just what to do.... walking out through the open doors, through the yard, across the creek, and through the empty field behind us exactly as we had shown her."

Whether the Oregon woman has supernatural powers or not, she insisted that people not leave food out for wildlife like mountain lions and bears. She adds that her sleepy visitor was attracted to her house because of the water fountain in the backyard.

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