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No Snow Day For Oakland Co. Workers

Despite the blizzard, offices and courts of Oakland County are open Wednesday. 

WWJ spoke with County Executive L.  Brooks Patterson who says those who want to stay home are welcome to do so - -but it will cost them a vacation day.  Patterson estimates the policy saves about $1 million -- but he says its about more than that.

"It's more of an issue of ... what...pride? That our people are strong enuogh and tough enough to get to work on a tough snow day, and do their job," Patterson said.

"I want people to know Oakland County employeers are decidated and we'd compare oursleves to anybody around the state," he said.

Patterson says that the policy went into effect in the 1990's that the government would never shut down for snow.

"There may be a natural disaster sometime, but I can't forsee that.  But, we're going to be opening in storms like this. Our courts are open ... and I checked around. About eighty to eighty-five-percent of the personelle showed up," he said.

Many buildings and courts are closed across other areas of Southeast Michigan. CLICK HERE for information.

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