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No. 1 Usability Tool Gets Upgrade As TechSmith Introduces Morae 3.3

OKEMOS -- It's now easier than ever to capture the nuances of unique testing situations thanks to TechSmith's new release of Morae 3.3.

Morae, the No. 1 usability software tool on the market, now offers real-time chat, a searchable table of contents and storage on, allowing users to easily share testing results with anyone, anywhere.

"We understand the distinctive needs of the usability market and that every testing situation is unique," said Jeremy Vanisacker, Morae product manager. "Morae 3.3 provides users with an integrated, comprehensive research experience that evolves the user experience thanks to Morae's new pluggable architecture platform."

Morae's pluggable architecture encourages both customers and partner companies to create a customized Morae experience with Recorder, Observer and Manager plug-ins.

"Our partnering companies have already given us a glimpse at the potential of this feature," Vanisacker said. "Eye tracking experts Tobii Technology created a free plug-in for Morae that allows researchers to overlay eye-gaze data from a Tobii eye tracker ( into the Morae Recorder, which captures user behavior. SensoMotoric Instruments ( is now offering a free Morae plug-in for all SMI eye trackers which supports Morae Recorder, Morae Manager and as a world's first allows to analyze live gaze behavior in the Morae Observer, functionality that is highly valued by usability experts for live observation of users. Additionally, Visual Interaction is launching a bundled solution with a new portable remote eye tracker and a plug-in for Morae Recorder, Manager and Observer."

Christian Villwock, Director of SMI's Eyetracking Business Unit says: "Our new OEM-Customer Visual Interaction has taken a focused approach to offer a ready-to-go UX gaze tracking lab for Morae users. It integrates the new fully portable myGaze eye tracker and all Morae interfaces in a plug-and-play mode. The price point of this bundle addresses the needs of UX professionals much better than the existing high end eye tracking solutions. We are convinced, that the combination of this affordable gaze tracking lab with Morae 3.3 will emerge as the new gold standard for usability testing. These plug-ins bring a new dimension to Morae usability studies by allowing researchers to combine the actions of users with their gaze trails, providing comprehensive insights into the behavior of the users -- a measurement that has remained undefined until now."

With Morae's new chat feature, it's now easier than ever to interact with fellow observers during testing -- even if they're not co-located. Morae's real-time chat enables more team based collaboration allowing users to communicate from observer-to-observer while testing, or from observer-to-recorder for pre- and post-test communication.

Highlight videos can be long and finding the exact parts viewers want can be tedious, but not anymore. The searchable table of contents allows Morae users to seek out important parts of videos to showcase to others.

Easily transfer videos from different parts of the company or to external clients with; just send test results straight from Morae to a account for instant sharing to anyone, anywhere. Additionally, Morae maintenance customers will now receive a free Pro account, which offers more storage, monthly bandwidth and caption capabilities.

Morae 3.3 provides everything you could need for your research. Here are some real-life examples of Morae's use in multiple testing situations.

Software & Website Usability Testing: * Rich Recording Technology (RRT) for indexing clicks, keystrokes and other events * Automatic calculation of standard usability metrics * AutoPilot for unmoderated testing or working alone * Reporting integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word

Focus Groups & In-Depth Interviews: * Flag important moments during dual-camera capture * Import additional video files for analysis * Audio normalization * Export video directly to Microsoft PowerPoint

Mobile Device & Hardware Testing: * Import additional video files for analysis * Camera view flip * Audio normalization * Export directly to Microsoft PowerPoint

Paper Prototype Testing: * Camera view flip * Tasks analysis and graphing * Reporting integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word

A free 30-day trial of the full Morae experience is available at New users can purchase Morae as a bundle for $1,495, which includes Recorder, Observer and Manager. Morae Recorder, Observer and Manager can also be purchased separately. Existing Morae 3 users will receive the new Morae 3.3 features for free and will be automatically upgraded to version 3.3.

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