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MSU Moves To Make Campus Tobacco-Free

EAST LANSING (WWJ) - Michigan State University could soon join a growing list of college campuses across the country to go completely "tobacco-free".

MSU spokesman Jason Cody told WWJ Newsradio 950 that the University Board of Trustees will vote on a proposed ordinance banning the use of tobacco products on campus later this year.

Basically, Cody said, and they're going to make this happen.

"The task force that the provost has put together is not looking at whether we do this, we're looking at how do we do this," Cody said.

Smoking in campus buildings at Michigan State is already banned, but people are allowed to light up if they are at least 25-feet away from any building entrance or exit... for now.

"MSU is not telling anyone that they cannot smoke; MSU is telling people that they cannot smoke on campus," Cody said.

He said it's a policy change that's long overdue.

"Research shows the dangers, not only of smoking and of using any sort of nicotine — whether it be, you know, pouch tobacco, smoking cigarettes. e-cigarettes — research has also shown the dangerous of secondhand smoke," Cody said. "That's why this policy would apply across all campus."

Cody said it's clear that becoming tobacco-free would create a healthier learning environment.

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