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Motown Roller Club brings together community on wheels

Motown Roller Club brings together community on wheels
Motown Roller Club brings together community on wheels 02:31

(CBS DETROIT) - If you're up for a trek around the Motor City this summer, there's a group skating their way through the parks.

"Roller skating has been kind of that underground secret for a long time, but the community has always been there," said Nolan Edwards.

Alysia Burgio/CBS Detroit

Roller skating … an adventure on eight wheels.

"We really wanted to advertise how much Detroit has its own skate culture and skate scene," said Edwards.

In 2019, Edwards created the "Motown Roller Club."

"Roller skating, as it's always been popular in the past, has now found a newfound love through the internet," Edwards said. 


What started as a few dozen Metro Detroiters exploring the city on skates has grown to more than 100 people sharing that same thrill.

"Everybody now wants to get a pair of roller skates and join in the fun," said Edwards.

Edwards says the "Motown Roller Club" links up the first Tuesday of every month from 6-9 p.m. at Valade Park on the Detroit Riverfront.

Alysia Burgio/CBS Detroit

"They can just come on down and join. There's no registration. It's free to come be a part of it," Edwards stated.

"The energy is so fun. They bring such an exciting vibe," added Addison Mauck, public spaces manager for Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

For three years, the group has partnered with the riverfront to attract folks to the program.

"We have folks who just happen to be in the park when they're down here who want to enjoy or come hang out and watch because some of these skaters are just really exciting to watch perform and do fun tricks," Mauck stated.

"Motown Roller Club" creator Nolan Edwards speaking to CBS News Detroit Reporter Alysia Burgio. Alysia Burgio/CBS Detroit

Never skated before? No problem.

"It's open for beginners. At the beginning of our Tuesday meetups, we have an hour-long class that takes place from 6-7 p.m., where people can learn basic roller skating. Normally by the time we're ready to roll out, everybody is going down lightning speed anyway," said Edwards.

It's a five-mile glide through Detroit with a community on wheels that radiates Motown.

Alysia Burgio/CBS Detroit

"It's really just a fun activity, and it's for the whole family. It's awesome. I never would have thought that this would have been something that we had generated for our community," Edwards stated.

If you want to take part in the "Motown Roller Club," their next skate is on July 11 due to the holiday next week.

You must bring your own roller skates. At this point, the group does not provide skate rentals, but it is something they are looking into.

For a list of upcoming events, click here.

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