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More Tests Ordered Before Judge Rules In Parental Rights Case

PONTIAC (WWJ) - A  psychological evaluation has been ordered for a Farmington Hills mother accused, then cleared, last year in the death of her husband, Lloyd Johnson. 

Family court judge Linda Hallmark ordered the testing for Laura Johnson and her two sons before deciding to terminate Johnson's parental rights.  The judge cited evidence that Johnson's behavior has been harmful to the boys.

"The children were subject to psychological abuse, Mrs Johnson took cell phone pictures of Mr. Johnson's body after he died at Botsford Hospital, she showed these pictures to Trevor. She told him that Mr. Johnson died because Mr. Hill  poisoned him with mold and they would also die if they went with their father," as stated in court by prosecutors.

The judge also said that Johnson has refused many referrals over the years to seek psychiatric help.  The boys, who are eight and 11, are now living with their father. 

"Several witnesses testified that Mrs. Johnson accused her ex-husband, Scott Hills, of planting the mold, and told her children that their father was responsible for the mold which might kill them, Mrs. Johnson has a fixed delusion on this issue," say prosecutors arguing for termination of Johnson's parental rights.

WWJ spoke with Lloyd Johnson's first wife, Theresa Sentoli, about the conditions in the maternal home. "It wasn't just messy, it was unlivable, dog pee on the floor, you know, things like that, she is a sick woman, and hopefully she will get help," Sentoli says.

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