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Michigan Town Hopes To Set Guinness World Record For Longest Line Of Doughnuts

donut record
Karrie Barrera-Larsen of Livonia came to be a part of the Guinness World Record attempt. (photo courtesy: Kristin Schenden)

HAMBURG TWP., Mich. (WWJ) - Livingston County could be home to one of the newest entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.

At the Hamburg Family Fun Fest at Bennett Park Friday morning, 24,000 doughnuts were strung together to set a new mark for the longest line of doughnuts.

Organizer Joanna Hardesty said they used a custom-made machine hooked up to a tractor to lay the doughnuts down. Volunteers followed behind and arranged the doughnuts so that each pastry was touching. And there's a good reason why the volunteers aren't trying to eat the sweet treats.

"We brought in fresh, very fresh doughnuts for them to eat instead of eating the ones that they're putting on the ground, because those aren't fresh -- they're a few days old," Hardesty told WWJ's Scott Ryan.

The final line will be over a mile long -- three times better than the current record which was set in Hamburg, Germany. But the doughnuts that are part of the world record attempt are still in jeopardy.

"It's taking some efforts now to keep the birds off the doughnuts until we can get this line verified by our professional surveyor and our witnesses," said Hardesty.

The doughnuts will eventually be served to local farm animals, so nothing goes to waste. The Hamburg Family Fun Fest runs through Saturday.

Volunteers line up doughnuts during a Guinness World Record attempt. (photo courtesy: Kristin Schenden)


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