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Michigan State trooper gives stranded driver ride to job interview

Michigan State trooper gives stranded driver ride to job interview
Michigan State trooper gives stranded driver ride to job interview 02:48

LAPEER, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - A Michigan State Trooper is being praised for going above and beyond after giving a stranded driver a ride to a job interview.

Trooper Jacob Genslau responded to a call of a car fire on I-69 when he discovered Alan Miller desperate to get to a job interview. 

"I'm trying to support my family, and this is a good opportunity to do so," Miller said. 

Miller said the opportunity to get a job at BSI Paving in Metamora almost slipped out of his hands when his car broke down on the side of the highway. 

Miller said he was forced to call Ryan Austin at BSI to let him know he was running late because of car troubles. Miller said he was nervous Austin wouldn't believe it. 

"I'm in my head, like, 'They are not going to believe me. This sounds stupid. I am not going to get this job,'" Miller said. 

But then the unexpected happened. 

While Miller was waiting for his wife to come pick him up, Trooper Genslau offered to take him to the interview.  

"He knew the place when I told him. Then he said, 'Go sit tight, your fiancé is on the way.' Then a few minutes passed and he was like … do you need a ride to your interview? Hop in, I'll give you a ride," Miller said. 

Trooper Genslau said he was just trying to do a good deed for someone in need. 

"Just hearing his story, it just seemed like he was a really good individual looking for an opportunity. To be able to assist in providing it, it made me feel good," Genslau said. 

Miller ended up getting hired to be a truck driver for BSI Paving. 

"Just a short 20-minute car ride to potentially change his life makes it all worth it," Genslau said. "I don't do this for the pats on the back or the shout-outs, but to help somebody when we can, when it's appropriate, it's fitting for our job. We signed up to protect and serve, and in most opinions, that's serving and protecting someone." 

As for Miller, he said he is forever grateful for BSI Paving for giving him the opportunity, but also for Trooper Genslau for giving him the lift he needed, in more ways than one.

"Just to be able to go home and know that I am starting here, and I'm going to be getting a paycheck soon, it's a huge relief," Miller said. 

Ryan Austin of BSI Paving said the company is excited for Miller to join their family business. 

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