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Local Army Veteran Finds New Career Following Debilitating Injury

(CBS DETROIT) - Nicole Taylor is making new stride with a new career.

"It has been amazing," Taylor said.

"The fact that I can't move all that well they were fine with that."

Taylor says her life changed when she suffered two falls during military training.

"I fell and broke my ankle early on, so I just pushed forward as you often do as a soldier and I wound up a little while later falling again and breaking it again," Taylor explained.

The Army veteran and mother of three says her injuries made it hard for her to find employment, until she joined Exceptional Academy.

"Almost everybody I spoke to was military," Taylor said.

"It felt very welcoming. I felt very comfortable."

Exceptional Academy is an advanced work skills training program for adults with disabilities.

"Eventually, I finished the program, I got my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)," Taylor continued.

Taylor says the program helped her find full-time employment with Comerica Bank's cyber security team.

"We did the interview process and I was brought on to Comerica as an intern. I did two three-month internships and then I was hired full-time in March," Taylor said.

Taylors says she's proud of her journey and wants to encourage others to never give-up.

"I'm just very grateful for all the support and help I've been given from the V.A., from Exceptional Academy, from Comerica. I feel truly blessed," Taylor said.


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