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Jim Harbaugh Tops List Of 'Most Overrated' Coaches In College Football

By: Evan Jankens

Jim Harbaugh is an excellent football coach. Many Michigan fans consider him to be the best coach in all of college football, but unnamed college football coaches don't agree.

CBS Sports published an article Wednesday morning called, "Candid Coaches: The most overrated and underrated coaches in college football."

The survey was done by one-fifth of the 130 active coaches in division one football and Jim Harbaugh topped the list of the most overrated college coaches with 13% of the vote. Other coaches on the list are Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin and Brian Kelly. 48% of the coaches chose not to answer the question.

Below are a few excerpts from the article:

Harbaugh, Saban, Kiffin and Kelly at or near the top of the "overrated" category? Yeah, that sounds like sour grapes. It's an egotistical profession with Type-A personalities all over the place, all of whom are looking for the next big job, praise from the public and the gratification of winning championships.

For Harbaugh and Kiffin, it's all about the spotlight. "We just focus on us and don't care what's being said by the outside world" is the first thing coaches learn on the first day of Coach Speak 101, and it's also a big, fat lie.

Harbaugh hasn't finished higher than third in his division during his first two seasons in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but antics like sleepovers with recruits, music videos public spats with Saban attract eyeballs like moths to a light.

This wasn't a popularity vote at all and this could be a case of jealousy from the coaches. If Harbaugh doesn't win the Big Ten East this year or beat Ohio State will Michigan fans start calling Harbaugh overrated?

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