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Here's When You'll Hit the Most Traffic This Weekend

If you're hitting the road for Memorial Day weekend, expect to be joined by more than 36 million other drivers.

AAA estimates that nearly 5 percent more vehicles will hit the roads this weekend compared to last year, and drivers should expect to see delays on major roads that could be three times longer than usual.

Around the Detroit area, AAA says the single worst time to drive this weekend is actually Friday between 4-5:30 p.m. Those behind the wheel during those times should expect to be on the roads 1.5 times longer than normal, AAA said, citing INRIX, a global transportation analytics company.

The busiest Memorial Day travel days nationwide are Thursday and Friday in the late afternoon as commuters and holiday travelers hit the road at the same time, AAA says. This can be as early as 3 p.m. and as late as 7 p.m., depending on the city.
Several major metros could experience double the travel times compared to a normal trip. New Yorkers could see delays of up to three times their normal commute.

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