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Get Through A Hot, Sticky Day With A Cool Wendy's FruiTea - For Free

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) It's hot and sticky outside, which means you're probably looking for a way to cool down.

Here's one way: Wendy's FruiTea Chillers are free when you request one between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. at participating restaurants on Friday.

So, what exactly is this new concoction? It's tropical tea combined with fruit purees and juices. It comes in two flavors, including orange mango, a "combination of tropical green tea, mango puree, orange juice, and carrot juice," according to fast food news. The second flavor is blueberry pineapple, which has blueberry puree, pineapple juice, and pomegranate juice.

If you're trying to shake off those winter pounds, know that a small orange mango has 170 calories, no fat, and 42 grams of sugar, per fast food news. It also has 80 percent of your vitamin A for the day and 60 percent of your vitamin C requirements.

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