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Finding Fun Amid Coronavirus Madness

METRO DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) - Somewhere in Metro Detroit there's a "Fun Crawl" going on and I wasn't invited! Ok, so it's Coronavirus rules that kept me, Tim S. from joining the fun but that didn't stop my lovely daughter from getting pretty creative.

It was Friday night and my daughter Shannon is preparing a little fun for her and her Fiancé Kevin after pounding keys and making phone calls all day doing business stuff. Both are in the "Coronavirus Quarantine," which would be an interesting name for a pub by the way, and they are ready to unwind.

Her idea was to use all 850 square feet of their home, and a little of the driveway & garage to escape from all the recent madness and have a "Fun Crawl" around her house. With a few poster boards, colored markers and some creative thinking she came up with this fun inexpensive night.

As you can see the evening started near the shed, or should I say the newly name "Shed TapHouse." I would have named it the TapHouse Shed but I wasn't invited.

Next it was off to the "Repair Tasting Room." I don't know about you but that bucket of beverages looks pretty empty.

Indoors they went on the next leg of the journey, to the "30240 Brewing Company." I heard the cheese tray was a must, which included salami, rice wafers crackers and even fresh raspberries & honey.

Just a few steps away came the "Belly Up Bar." Folks when I say a few steps away I mean maybe two, and it looks like wine and pizza were on the menu at the B.U.B., not sure what four meant.

And the final stop on the "Fun Crawl" was at the "Game Stop," where board games were enjoyed by all, I heard.

Shannon & Kevin had a great time on their "Fun Crawl"adventure. They ate a little, they enjoy a beverage or two and they laughed at how much fun they had.

Folks, please remember during this trying time, remember to turn off the news and turn on the fun. Take time with the loved ones in your home and create your own fun adventures.

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