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Fan Goes For Foul Ball And Spills Beer All Over His Date [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

I used to think a baseball game was the ideal place to bring a date. Now I'm starting to have second thoughts. During the Diamondbacks and Rockies game last night, one poor sap made a mistake he is still most likely paying for.

A foul ball off a Diamondbacks player's bat came his way, and that's when he did what any fan would do and attempted to catch it. There was only one small problem -- He was holding a beer with his other hand.

That beer went everywhere while he attempted to snag the ball. When I say everywhere, I mean all over his date.

You can read this young ladies' lips and it doesn't seem to be too work friendly. How would you react if the beer was spilled on you or you spilled the beer?

To make matters worse for himself, the announcers started to pile on. One stated he "won't get a second date" and the other said he looks like the dude from "King of Queens."

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