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At Burn Rubber In Royal Oak, Eminem Reveals His Pet Peeve About Sneakers [VIDEO]

By @GeorgeJFox

Detroit native and hip-hop superstar Eminem is on a whirlwind promotion tour for his ninth studio album "Revival". One of the stops included a sneaker shopping video for youth culture media company Complex.

Posted to YouTube Monday, the video with more than 2.5 million views centers on Eminem's shoe ventures and his footwear fashion preferences.

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At Burn Rubber in Royal Oak, host Joe La Puma asks Eminem about the four shoes he's collaborated on over the years and which one stands out the most for him. "The fours have always been my favorite thing," said Eminem. Also the Air Max is on his favorites list and he has an attraction to the bubble heel. Subconscious or otherwise, they do look comfortable.

What kind of shoe makes Eminem run for the hills? Anything with a turned up toe. "It kinda looks like you're walking in clown shoes. That's one of my pet peeves. So whenever a shoe points up like that I usually run the other way ... naked."

Shoe collecting is as popular as ever and asked about trend of showing off shoes on social media Eminem understands the appeal. "Shoes are like 90 per-cent of your outfit," he said adding that as long as you have good shoes on you could wear a tablecloth and still be respected.

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