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E.G. Daily On 'Rugrat's New Holiday Special "Traditions": 'We Embrace Everyone And Everything'

(ViacomCBS) - Rugrats will unveil a brand new holiday special on Paramount+ this Thursday, December 2nd. In 1996 the original Rugrats series put out the beloved "A Rugrats Chanukah" special and now 25 years later a new generation of fans will be treated to "Traditions."

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to E.G. Daily (Tommy Pickles) about the Rugrats revival and this Thursday's special holiday episode.

MW- Hi E.G.! Good to see you, how are you doing?

EGD- Well darling, how are you?

MW- Doing well over here, the last time we spoke Rugrats 2.0 hadn't been released to the world yet and now that it's out there what's the reception been like?

EGD- People are so happy. It's like if you have a favorite pair of shoes and then you lost them for a long time and you finally found them again. It's just is so cozy and so familiar. You just feel so at home and I think right now that's what we need after the last two years of insanity.

We just need to feel comfortable and at home and we need to feel that sense of safety with our loved ones. That's what Rugrats is about.

MW- The nice thing about the show is there is the adults watching it with nostalgia for their childhood and a whole new generation of kids who are getting to watch Rugrats for the first time.

EGD- Absolutely, the original Rugrats fans are millennials and parents now, so in the show we're dealing with all the young millennial stuff, which is so smart and so cool. When they were kids they were watching their life through the imagination of these babies. Now we get to go into these incredible adventures with the CGI and we've grabbed a whole new audience. The writers are just so super smart too with knowing just when to bring in characters from the past and we'll be seeing more of those for sure.

MW- Has there been an episode from this new crop that's really stood out to you?

EGD- It's so hard because they're so clever. They've been able to recaptured all that funny stuff like the way the babies mess up words. impossible. They're always coming up with new ones that just crack me up. So I'm just fascinated every time I get a script and we get to do it, so I really love all of them!

MW- And now we have a brand new holiday episode titled "Traditions" which comes out Thursday, December 2nd on Paramount+. What can we expect from this new special?

EGD- Well, Rugrats just loves family and loves to make sure everybody feels included. I love this word multi-denominational and that's what it's all about. We embrace everyone and everything with all families, all culture, all traditions.

Everybody needs to feel a part of something and everybody needs to feel embraced and respected. We're not separating from anyone, we are not about that. We're about love, we're about family and we're about embracing all the ways people like to celebrate. So that's what the episode will be all about.

MW- A new holiday special for a whole new generation, I can't wait to watch it myself. Thank you so much for the time today E.G. and all the best!

EGD- You are so welcome. Thank you and happy holidays!

The Rugrats holiday special "Traditions" comes to Paramount+ on Thursday, December 2nd and will air on Nickelodeon the following Friday, December 10th at 7:30 PM ET/PT. Check your local listings for more information.

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