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Dialogue Marketing Cuts Costs With Indy Firm's Software

Auburn Hills-based Dialogue Marketing, an outsourcer of customer relationship management services, says it has cut costs by using an all-in-one Internet Protocol communications software suite from Indianapolis-based Interactive Intelligence (Nasdaq: ININ).

Dialogue Marketing deployed the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center (CIC) system to support its more than 1,000 employees across three contact centers located in Auburn Hills, Troy and Orem, Utah.

"CIC has saved us money by enabling us to consolidate and streamline our infrastructure across distributed sites," said Dialogue Marketing CIO Michael Lipinski. "CIC's single-platform, all-in-one architecture has also helped us maintain incredibly efficient staffing levels with an agent to administrator ratio of 400 to one, thus further reducing costs."

CIC's open, all-software, SIP-based design has also helped Dialogue Marketing quickly adapt to rapidly changing client requirements and a growing client base, according to Lipinski.

"I don't see how we could have grown so quickly with any other communications system," Lipinski said. "Due to CIC's flexible and scalable architecture, we've never had to tell a customer we can't do something because of technology limitations. It's also enabled us to cost-effectively add staff."

Dialogue Marketing has also deployed Interaction Dialer, a CIC add-on application for outbound/blended dialing and campaign management. Combined, CIC and Interaction Dialer have enabled the company to even more effectively meet client needs.

"Recently, a well-known American client of ours with affiliate companies throughout South America wanted to move its call center operations from those countries to the U.S.," Lipinski explained. "By using CIC and its add-on predictive dialing capabilities, along with some of our own functionality developed in-house, we were able to quickly and cost-effectively move the client's operations to the U.S. where they can now offer enhanced customer service at a reduced cost."

Based on the success of CIC, Dialogue Marketing is adding an Interactive Intelligence add-on application for workforce management called Interaction Optimizer. It will replace a manual process based on spreadsheets that the company had been using to schedule agents.

"With our rapidly growing workforce we decided to automate staffing to more effectively schedule agents during peak times," Lipinski said. "Interaction Optimizer will enable us to do this, while also helping us better forecast scheduling needs and manage paid time off."

Another overall benefit, according to Lipinski, is CIC's single-platform architecture.

"Because all the Interactive Intelligence applications run on the same platform, we are able to minimize cost and complexity even as we add the most sophisticated functionality," he said. "This unique 'all-in-one' architecture, coupled with Interactive Intelligence's responsiveness to our needs, have led to a great partnership that we look forward to expanding."

To learn more about CIC, visit this link.

For more about Dialogue Marketing, visit, or call (800) 523-5867.

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