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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 5/5 - Special All-EDM Edition!

Happy May, Detroit Proud music fans! Warmer weather and longer days mean more time for music, right? We think so.

We decided to change things up this week and create a playlist that features some of Detroit's best EDM artists (that's "Electronic Dance Music," for all you EDM-newbies). A playlist made for the dancing soul, whether you're into high-energy house music or bass-thumping dubstep, there's a genre for everyone on this list!

...and so, with summer quickly approaching in on one of the world's birthplaces for techno music, we're asking you, Detroiters: "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!

Check these tracks out!

Sean Bartley – "Vega" Featuring Codi

Sean Bartley

Sean started his career under the Happy Hardcore/Hard techno alias "Sean Apollo," having releases on some of the UK's biggest hardcore labels, including Evolution Records. More recently, he's locked himself in his studio for over a year doing what he does best – producing progressive house and electronic...and guess what, fans? WE were lucky enough to be given an EXCLUSIVE track right from him. "Vega" is an infectiously upbeat tune, and we will be the first to say that we can't turn it down! Check more from him here!

Minion – "Chillaxin Mix"


Calling himself "Pure Detroit filth," Minion captivates his audiences with high-energy performances within dubstep and deathstep. He only started his musical journey last year, but in that short amount of time, he's electrified enough crowds to be featured on the line-up for many upcoming Detroit shows and festivals! Minion also manages Detroit Filth Inc., a local event planning company, and is a big supporter of his local music community here in Metro Detroit. Check out more from him here!

DogFingaz – "Garden Life"


Producing a unique sound, DogFingaz carries a collection of melody, bass, and vocal manipulation. He's influenced by many types of genres within electronic music and doesn't allow himself to be restrained by any single one. He transforms tradition and creates his own. Check him out here!

DASH R!OT – "Radio 009"


DASH R!OT has his hands in everything from dubstep, electro house, trap, funk, and metalcore. Knowing music was his passion from a young age, he started out as a drummer for local metal bands - and that quickly escalated into wanting to spin and produce within the electronic scene. His live sets won't leave a person standing still…everyone is dancing! Check him out here!

PerrBear – "Moombah Mix"


Born and raised right here in Metro Detroit, Mike "PerrBear" Perry has an ear for all EDM genres, focusing his sets in dubstep and deathstep. He's an upcoming artist and already, he has a summer full of events he'll be spinning at. Don't miss out! Check him out here!

Fauxton – "Dilophosaurus"


A born musician, Kiel Chambers aka Fauxton, is a local performer, composer, and DJ. Whether he's performing live with guitar, keyboards, and vocals, or when he's spinning, Fauxton proves one thing: he knows how to excite a crowd. Check him out here!

Disciple – "Get Fresh"


He literally has his hands in everything. A producer, MC, DJ, guitarist, and songwriter, Disciple has made his name known within the Detroit music scene. Taking stage with original tracks in drum & bass, dubstep, electro house, and techno, he knows how to get his audience moving. Check him out here!

DJ Godfather – "Do The Trap Dance"

DJ Godfather

We thought it was only necessary to include one of Detroit's most well-known DJs. DJ Godfather is out almost every weekend doing what he does best: energizing crowds with his intoxicating mixes of both his own brand, "Ghettotech," and other EDM genres. Check him out here!

DJ Holographic – "Simple Boss Plan"

DJ Holographic

DJ Holographic, Ariel Corley, is on a mission to deliver her listeners with "tasty beats and captivating visuals"...and she does just that. Using funky beats and deep house tracks, she puts emphasis on both the audio and visual experience of electronic music. Check her out here!

Juan Atkins – "Night Drive"

Juan Atkins

We saved the most notable addition to our all-EDM playlist for last. Where would the world of EDM today be, if not for Juan Atkins? Widely considered the originator of techno music – specifically the now world-famous "Detroit techno," Juan Atkins has been producing music since 1981. Get into some history, and see what he's up to now here!

Who should we feature next week? Tell us in the comments!

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