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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 3/19

Looking for a wide spectrum of artists in one place? We bring you a little bit of everything with each playlist, so don't limit yourself to this week! Take a peek at week's prior to find even more great artists from around Detroit!

Check out this week's artists below!

1. Summer Like The Season - "Train of Thought"

Summer Like The Season

Hauntingly beautiful vocals collide with alternative rock jams to create a solid base for some trippy, jazzy vibes to permeate the soundscape. Summer Like The Season is a unique listening experience that feels freeing, yet heady. There are some genuinely killer tracks to check out here.


2. Honey Monsoon - "Life Laughs"

Honey Monsoon

Creating a genre all their own, Honey Monsoon brings a youthful vibe to smooth jazz numbers and creates a heartwarming listening experience that feels bright and inviting. These talented musicians come together with sultry keys, fresh drums, bright guitar melodies and a playful sax that will instantly rope you in. The lyricism is practically poetry and the vocals soothe and woo you.


3. Throwaway - "Exotic Bird"


Avant-rock, punk, or whatever you want to call it, Throwaway comes at you strong with a ripping guitar and lots to say. She doesn't mince words, but she does deliver them in quite the unrelenting fashion. It's witty, harsh, and a bit rough around the edges in the best way possible. It feels like a piece of self-expression that goes beyond just making music.


4. Birchwood - "Riptide"


This laid-back indie band will have you grooving through trippy guitar effects and chill drum beats as you're serenaded by a soft, ghostly voice that feels like an instrument of its own. This recently released track is heady and psychedelic with warping guitar and a far-away lo-fi quality.


5. Troy Gregory - "As Coroner I Must Aver"

Troy Gregory

Troy Gregory is on his own wavelength with his new release "Laura". It's a progressive, alternative rock album that feels nightmarish with disorientingly fuzzy guitar that is thicker than thick. Each track follows the same wet guitar riffs and echoing vocals, which maintains this sense of darkness that's hard to shake once you finish the album. It's a deep-diver, that's for sure. If you like thick, wet guitar and some trippy vocals, then this is for you.


6. Kind of Animal - "212"

Kind of Animal

Psychedelic, surfy, and electronic, Kind of Animal has a fun groove that makes us beg for warmer months. The melody in "212" will easily get stuck in your head and its synthy vibe creates a playful backdrop that you'll inadvertently tap your toes to. There's a lo-fi feel to this track and it's definitely something you'll want to chill with over and over again.


7. Roots and Ruins - "I Called Out"

Roots and Ruins

This four-piece instrumental band is the thing of introspective wonder. If you're looking for an album that could transport you to the depths of your mind, then have a listen to this one. "Die Right" is a beautiful soundscape of melodic guitar, thunderous drums, and thick, rhythmic bass. The overall tone is emotional and dream-like with moments of quiet and moments of climax. It's an alternative rock, instrumental playground of sound.


8. Jemmi Hazeman - "You Can't Read My Mind"

Jemmi Hazeman

Look for some hazy psychedelic rock to lose your mind to? Well look no further! Jemmi Hazeman is releasing a full-length, psychedelic pop album that may just leave you gobsmacked and transported to alternate universes. It's thick with echoing guitar riffs and solos, fat bass, moody synth and fantastic overall production. It's a winner-winner chicken dinner in our book! Check out the few tracks that are available now!


9. Teener - "Can't Keep Up"


Would you like to get your face melted off by a noise-rock band screaming in your face? Good! Then this is the band for you. A female-fronted powerhouse of a group that really wants you to feel the intensity of their thrashing. "Siclical Trash" will knock you over with their chest-rattling bass, full-volume guitar shredding, and manic percussion. It makes you wonder how they get through a track, let alone an album, without imploding. These guys are intense AF.

10. Tyvek - "City of A Dream"


A well-known Detroit band that never gets old, Tyvek is an artsy, punk rock group that will make you proud to have them touting their Detroit roots. If you're looking to get charged up or need an anthem for your Detroit exploring days, Tyvek is where you'll want to turn with their abstract beauty.

Come back soon for more Detroit music!

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